***** Insa Korean BBQ & Karaoke is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars, based on 10 reviews!

  • *****

    Great atmosphere & food but on the pricey side. Still, the meat was good and you get what you pay for! Bar scene looked fun and I'm definitely checking out renting a karaoke room.

  • *****

    Service was excellent! We went to lunch at 1 PM on a Sunday.
    Ordered kimchi jigae, soondobu, seafood pancake, and bibimbap. My sister and I felt the kimchi jigae was a bit too salty. But I like how the kimchi was shredded. They give a lot for the bibimbap.

    This location was an old warehouse but renovated to look modern and ambience felt very comfortable. The windows on the roof (skylights) were perfectly placed. Atmosphere was beautiful.
    The place being a warehouse makes it very spacious, great for parties. It has a lounge/bar section in a different part of the restaurant. And it has private karaoke rooms in the back.

    Overall I wouldn't come back for the food but would definitely come for happy hour, or to host a party.

  • *****

    I came here with a party of 8 and a toddler. And no, Dominic I'm not referring to you this time LOL! The staff was super accomodating and the food was hot and fresh. I liked that there is a staff member who will tend to the bbq grilling so you can carry on and not worry about burning your dinner. All the food was delicious and the interior is beautiful. This warehouse district is cool and the space is gorgeous.

  • *****

    Trendy hip Korean BBQ. Creative menu, good food, and fantastic service. Shout out to the lovely Rah-Nee and the charming Eddie. They made this weary, hungry business traveler feel welcome.

    However, they didn't get a fifth star because the business owners charge you 20% of your bill to help pay the staff and provide benefits. And here I thought the actual EMPLOYER was supposed to do that.

  • *****

    Having such authentic Korean food in Brooklyn is amazing. Even better when it is made by Chef Sohui! Her flavors are outstanding! It's a must visit!!

  • *****

    Very good food - pricing is a bit on the pricey end. Will check out the karaoke rooms next visit.

  • *****

    We went with a large group. The food was awesome. If you go on the early side for dinner it's very kid friendly. Friendly and knowledgable service. Good vibe and beautiful space. Good ventilation. Karaoke is lots of fun too. I highly recommend Insa.

  • *****

    I've had the pleasure of hanging out at Insa twice now. The first time was for a company party in which all of the food and karaoke was paid for. My second visit was with a group of friends and all I could remember was "wow $$$". This place can get to be kind of expensive but in the end both of my experiences were unforgettable.

    The important highlights for me are the fried chicken is amazing! So good that I plan on just sitting at the bar soon and ordered fried chicken. The drinks were strong! I can't give the specifics of the drinks I ordered but I did have an epic hangover the next day. The place was super crowded on a Friday evening but that made for a very fun vibe. The karaoke is fun! You get a private room. There are small rooms for smaller groups and a larger room that can fit a larger group of people.

    On both of my visits I've never had a problem with the service. The server have been knowledgeable, youthful, and kind. Overall, I'll definitely be back would recommend it to others.

  • *****

    Love the food, love the vibe. Make a reservation if you want a table, or be prepared to wait. The bar is great. And they were super nice in the bar about making me a drink without cane sugar.

  • *****

    This place is amazing. Beautifully-built, incredible ambience, great food. Brunch is my favorite time to go.

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